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Frequently asked questions

How can i make the order online?

-You can simply make your order online with our user friendly eCommerce platform.

-If you have any questions in using it,  please contact us on

How can I pay my order?

-PayPal is the our preferred payment method.

-If you want to pay with other methods, please contact us before you submit the order.

How many days should I make the order before pick up/delivery?

-For pick up orders, it should be submitted at least 36 hours before pick up.

-For delivery orders, it should be submitted at least 48 hours before delivery. (N/A)

-You will receive a confirmation of order by email.

How should i store the cake for the best tastes?

-For the best taste of the cake, please keep it refrigerated below 4c degree.

-Please serve the cake in 24 hours to enjoy the freshness of the cake.

-It can be only kept outside fridge for 1-2 hours which is depended on the weather.

Where can I pick up my order?

-You can pick up your order on Level3, 205 Russell Street between 1pm to 1am daily.

What is the rate for delivery? (N/A)

-Delivery rates are varied by distances.

-Within Melbourne CBD is $5,

  Within 5km around CBD is $10,

  5km-10km is $15,

  10km-20km is $20,

  20km-30km is $30

  more than 30km, contact us please


Can I buy cakes directly from the shop?

-Sliced crepe cakes are ready for take away or dine-in for public between 3pm to 1am on daily bases.

-Whole cakes should have better be ordered online or by visiting the shop before pick up/delivery.

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